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LIFE! Thursday 9am-1pm: work from home and brunch with Tina 3pm-5pm:… - XIANANIGANS [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013, 07:25 pm]

9am-1pm: work from home and brunch with Tina
3pm-5pm: climbing with Jen S
6pm-10pm: Home 2.0 Potluck OR Poly101 Discussion Group

9am-5pm: Maybe beach, probably not. Apply for jobs, deal with freelance invoicing and other tasks, maybe lunch with Joe
6pm-10pm: EATVancouver with new boy who I met in Penticton, a.k.a. Climbing Ryan (to distinguish from Swinger Ryan, Kinky Ryan, and Rope Jesus Ryan)
10pm-2am: New Democratic Dance Party as I am long overdue for some good music zen

9am-10am: Vipassana group sit
10am-12nn: Climbing!
2pm-3pm: proactive coaching session with Kaitlyn
3pm-6pm: semi-date with Kinky Ryan
7pm-whenever: Jon&Bri's house-leaving party
Late: potentially Geekenders, probably not

1pm-3pm: Zen Centre introductory session
11am-5pm: Snuggly brunch at Sonjo&Nemo's
evening: Kitty Nights with Jeremie and his friends

9am-5pm: Job search? Study for CSC? Freelance work?
6pm-8pm: Teaching yoga
8pm-late: long overdue date with KJ

2:30pm-4:30PM: Climbing meetup
5pm-6pm: Teach yoga
8pm-9pm: Vipassana group meditation sit
10pm-late: Dark 80s at the Astoria

Aaaaand it goes on. I'm also doing 1-2hrs of yoga and meditation every day. I'm tired of managing a schedule this hectic! I want a 9-6pm where I can do a few things in the evening.

Or maybe that's only what I think I want, because there are so many things I want to do that I wouldn't be able to, and I would start to be dissatisfied. Imagining working Monday to Friday, climbing 2 evenings a week, going to bellydance 1 or 2 evenings, filling up the weekend with stuff, and... oh hey actually that sounds pretty nice. Let me resume this job search with renewed vigour.